A warm welcome to Leela Retreat, where silence and stillness, joy and harmony are the foundation of our vision in creating this center. Leela Retreat is a place for you to go inwards to discover and get in touch with your inner self.

Our wish is to support and help you (and in the process help ourselves also) to live life in joy and harmony. One can always seek and find inspiration in workshops and courses but more often than not we find ourselves falling back into our old unwanted life patterns. When inspiration comes from within our inner source there are all possibilities of creating and living the life we wish to live – in the present, in joy, harmony and acceptance.

At Leela Retreat various workshops and retreats take place to help you begin your journey towards your inner source and to deeper insights. We are there to guide and help you on your inner journey to freedom. Your journey is unique and only you can undertake that journey.